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As a vibrant melting pot of culture, the Pier One Night Spot DJs proudly plays a diverse mix of Afro Beats and African music. Our in-house DJs create an unrivalled atmosphere to compliment the vibrant and varied clientele of Pier One Night Spot. We are the longest serving, fully dedicated African and Afro Beat nightclub in London and our unique and unmatched atmosphere sets us apart from the rest.

Our experienced DJs play a mix of classic and modern hits, seamlessly blending rhythm and beat to create a flawless experience for our patrons. Our resident DJs work in rotation and collaborate to ensure that the dance floor is always bouncing.

We hold weekly themed nights and events, all of which are centred around our unique blend of music. Our DJs incorporate and unite a selection of music that proudly promotes a variety of cultures, including Europe, Caribbean and African flavours. Our resident DJs create a vibrant and dynamic soundtrack to the weekend.  Our unique entertainment and unmatched club soundtrack are what keeps our clientele coming back week after week for our exclusive atmosphere.

At Pier One Night Spot, we offer our customers a bespoke experience that cannot be replicated. With a vast and varied mix of music and an unrivalled atmosphere, Pier One Nightspot is the place to be in London for superior Afro Beats. You can find individual profiles of our DJs and further information below.